Stranger Things and Marketing

Stranger Things Season 2 is out! And yes, our team at Spice has already finished watching it.

What does Stranger Things have to do with Marketing, you wonder?

Here are my observations:

  1. Product Placement works! Throughout the show, in both Season 1 and 2, Eggo has been heavily advertised. Kellogg’s – the company behind Ego, reportedly saw a 2% increase in sales after Season 2. The placement didn’t just apply to Eggo, the very many popular culture hits were seen throughout the show such as Coca Cola, Wonder Bread, and Tide amongst others.
  2. Netflix has come a long way. I remember back in September 2011, just when I had launched Spice, Netflix was all the rage for both good and not so good reasons. Where on the one hand, people were signing up for $8/month, it was also said that Netflix was expected to lose a million subscribers in the last quarter. Much has happened since. With an improved user interface and expansive media library, original shows, and product partnerships, Netflix is the one to beat!

What are some of your favourite shows that remind you of how brilliant the world of ‘Marketing’ is?!

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